As the author of this blog, it only makes sense to give a brief introduction of myself to readers.  My name is Rodney, and I am a journalism student at West Virginia University.  I have been a Cowboys fan since I started watching football, and my earliest memory of the Cowboys was the Super Bowl XXX victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Being a WVU student, the Mountaineers are my favorite team, but the Cowboys are right there with them.

This blog, as the title suggests, will focus on the Dallas Cowboys, including team news, season recap, and other pertinent information.  In addition, general NFL news that is relevant to the team will be brought up at times.  What I hope to achieve with this blog is to incorporate information from news sources, as well as other blogs, and add my personal take on these events.  This is still a work in progress, both it as a new blog, and I as a new blogger.  Hopefully, I can provide an interesting perspective on the events that take place involving the Cowboys.