As Cowboys fans, we all know about Jerry Jones’ typical draft day tendencies:  trade down and trade often.  As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, this would not surprise me at all, even with a top 10 pick.  I have been reading some commentary, though, that suggests there is no way any team would want to trade up to number nine, for the simple fact that there is a dearth of talent at the top of this draft.  Whether that “fact” is real or perceived is subject to anyone’s opinion, and there is no real way to tell until a few years down the road.  With that said, I saw a couple of posts from the Landry Hat that discuss the possible scenario in which Dallas trades down in the first round.

Patrick Peterson

The first is a video of draftnik Mel Kiper, Jr., who mentions a couple of potential top 10 trade situations, one of which involves Dallas (Don’t forget, at this point, with no CBA in place, teams will only be able to trade picks, not players).  While I have seen it mentioned that the Cowboys could try to trade up to nab Patrick Peterson, which I doubt will happen, Kiper suggests the Cowboys may trade down and still take either USC OT Tyron Smith or Anthony Costanzo, an offensive tackle from Boston College.

So, who is the potential trading partner?  Kiper never says, but this other post highlights rumors of a Cowboys/Rams trade.  Currently, St. Louis is sitting at number 14, just five spots from the Cowboys.  The thought process lies in the Rams wanting to take Alabama WR Julio Jones, who some project as a target for the Redskins at number 10.  What better way to stick it to a division rival than to allow another team to draft the player they wanted?  Besides, the Rams could use more weapons on offense.  Sam Bradford did better than I expected last year, even without a good receiving corp.

Tyron Smith

Looking at spots 10-13, there are the Redskins, Texans, Vikings, and Lions, all of which I have seen pegged for defensive players in most mock drafts.  The two best offensive tackles I’ve heard mentioned are Smith and Costanzo, with Smith holding the edge.  About every mock I’ve read has Smith going to Dallas at nine, meaning no one ahead of them is looking at OT.

Anthony Costanzo

Julio Jones

I feel the chances of getting one or the other at 14 would be pretty good, with the four teams mentioned not looking at the offensive line, with the possible exception of Detroit.  Throw in another pick, possibly the Rams third rounder, as the post suggests, and it’s a no brainer.  There is no reason to pay a guy top 10 money when you can get him at 14 and grab another pick in the process.  Chances are, there won’t be anyone from the back end of the first round trying to move up that high, because it would cost way too much to do so, meaning, if Dallas does indeed trade down, there is probably a floor of how far down they would fall, and it’s likely in the teens.  If pick nine rolls around, and both tackles are available, I say pull the trigger and trade down, assuming it’s to St. Louis.