The Jacksonville Jaguars are certainly no powerhouse in the NFL.  On this day at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas did all it could to change that perspective.  People ask me all the time (they don’t actually), “Don’t you get tired of writing game recaps when all the Cowboys do is lose?”  To this I say, “Hey, it pays the bills (no it doesn’t).”  It does, however, take a lot out of a man to have to revisit such a sad subject all the time.  The more I delve into this season, the more all of the depressing feelings of it all come flooding back.  At least the games have been competitive so far this season.  All of that was about to change on this terrifying Halloween afternoon.

This picture expresses far better than words how I felt about this season.

In the first full game since Tony Romo’s collarbone injury, the Cowboys came out flat and were never really in this one.  The score at halftime was 14-3, after Dallas screwed up a fourth and goal play in an attempt to get it to 14-10.  The third quarter is where it got bad, though, as the Jaguars tacked on two more scores to effectively put the game away.

I thought that some of these observations about the game were interesting and funny, but in a sad way.  Here’s a couple that I especially liked.

6. Jerry Jones said he was “ashamed” and “dumbfounded” and even went so far to apologize to Cowboys fans. For a guy who wants it so bad and is so invested financially and emotionally, I sorta feel sorry for him. You? Still, I don’t think it makes sense to fire Wade Phillips now.

It’s sad that Jones felt that he had to resort to an apology, but I like the fact that he was holding himself accountable.

3. Appearing on a Cowboys’ 2010 blooper reel in the very near future: Kitna colliding with Marion Barber on the failed 4th-and-1 just before the half, Garrard walking – literally – into the end zone on a fourth-quarter bootleg touchdown and Kitna’s pass bouncing off the star of wide-open Jason Witten’s helmet. Giggle. But somehow not funny.

There’s not much else to add to this.  It’s just sad.

2. Never heard irrationally positive Phillips sound so depressed and defeated. After the game he admitted to being “distraught,” “at a loss” and suggested the Cowboys have to “go back to the drawing board.” Dead Man Coaching, indeed.

This is a good point.  Phillips did seem to be optimistic even if it didn’t make sense, but when he felt at a loss, that should’ve been a clue about his imminent doom.

David Garrard faces little resistance from the Dallas defense on this touchdown run.

Jon Kitna had a big day passing, but was really outdone by David Garrard, who is considered to be an average quarterback by most.  Aside from throwing for 379 yards, Kitna had one touchdown pass and four interceptions.  Garrard played a near perfect game with four touchdowns and no interceptions.  He also rushed for a touchdown.  Turnovers and time of possession were the only real advantages Jacksonville had, but the Dallas defense didn’t put up much of a fight, which probably surprises no one.

To try to end on a happier note, Witten, Austin, and Bryant each had solid games.  They all approached or surpassed 100 yards receiving, and Witten caught Kitna’s only touchdown.

As they say, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.  Next week it gets much worse.

Record to this point:  1-6