In the spirit of class assignments, today’s post will involve the creation of a map. But this is no ordinary map. ‘Tis a Google Map! To make this map my own, and to honor the Cowboys and reminisce about the days of yore, this map will contain the locations of the Cowboys five Super Bowl victories.

I only included Super Bowls that the Cowboys won, because who wants to be reminded of the losses?  Now for a brief exposition of each game.

1.  Super Bowl VI:  This was the Cowboys second trip to the Super Bowl.  The previous season, the team came up just short after the Baltimore Colts stole a 16-13 victory with a field goal in the final seconds.  This time, however, there would be no nail-biter, as the Cowboys made sure they got the win by shutting down the Dolphins 24-3.

2.  Super Bowl XII:  Six years later, the Cowboys were primed to bring home championship number two.  In a similar situation as when they won their first title, the Cowboys lost to the Steelers only two seasons prior, 21-17.  Once again, they wrapped up the comfortably, beating the Broncos 27-10.

3.  Super Bowl XXVII:  This was the game that kick-started the Cowboys’ dynasty of the ’90s.  In their most dominant Super Bowl performance to date, the Cowboys clobbered the Bills 52-17.  In fact, it could have been worse had Leon Lett not started celebrating too early.

4.  Super Bowl XXVIII:  The Cowboys were back at it again in a direct sequel to the previous year’s game.  It wasn’t a blowout like round one, but Dallas still managed to get the best of the Bills, beating them 30-13.  Buffalo actually had a 13-6 lead at halftime before Dallas woke up and drilled them in the second half.

5.  Super Bowl XXX:  This is the game that really made me a fan of the Cowboys.  In their third meeting all time in the Super Bowl, the Cowboys finally got the best of the Steelers, beating them 27-17.  Neil O’Donnell is infamous for throwing a late interception in this game that allowed Dallas to seal the win.

So, there are the five Super Bowl championships for the Dallas Cowboys.  Enjoy the nostalgia during this long off-season.

Sweet memories...