Each passing second brings us all closer to the zenith of the NFL season, the Super Bowl.  Yet, I found two articles by Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News that outlines the Steelers and Packers thoughts on the Cowboys’ disappointing 2010 season.  I’m sure that’s just what the teams wanted to talk about when they were just days away from playing each other.  If this game was played anywhere else, it wouldn’t be brought up.  So, even when Dallas won’t be at the Super Bowl, unless the players happened to buy tickets, they were, at least for a period of time on Tuesday, the center of attention.  America’s Team, indeed.

I just wanted to write about a few of the quotes I read that I found interesting.


WR Mike Wallace:

“It just goes to show that talent doesn’t make everything here. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you’re not headed in the right direction, have the right leaders, the right everything.  It’s not just players and coaches. The whole organization has to be right for things to win. It’s not about talent. It’s about chemistry.”

Truer words may never have been spoken.  From top to bottom, when compared to any other team in the league, the Cowboys have as much talent as anyone, and in many cases, more.  It’s a trite saying, but having the best team is more important than having the best players.  It’s like when the Terrell Owens circus was in town.  He is (was) a great player, but he can be a cancer to a locker room.  It’s tough to win in the NFL, and it takes more than a lot of talent.

WR Antwaan Randle El:

“I truly believe they will because they have the talent. When you have the talent, you just have to find the right coach or the right player in the locker room that’s going to stand up and begin to kick guys out that just are not part of the team.”

Jason Garrett seems to me like the type of coach who would do just that.  He feels like a no-nonsense coach who would not tolerate a player playing for himself instead of the team.  I really hope so.

Green Bay:

WR Greg Jennings:

“You would think that given the opportunity to play here in the Super Bowl that they would’ve come out with a little more umph.”

This one stings a little bit.  This quote really got my attention, because it’s so true.  Coming in to this season, it was all about how the Cowboys were Super Bowl favorites that would be the first franchise to host the game.  And they choked.  Once the team started 0-2, if they were really going to get serious about achieving this goal, they would have done something.  Admittedly, most of the losses this year were close, but a team that goes from Super Bowl contender in the pre-season, to 1-7 at mid-season, and finishes at 6-10 either has no heart or felt that it would be handed to them.

LB A.J. Hawk:

“It’s tough when you lose your starting quarterback,” Hawk said. “It probably wasn’t the year they were expecting, but that’s football. That’s how it goes. It’s tough to win games in this league. I know that. I wouldn’t predict them being down much longer.”

Tony Romo's season comes to an end with this hit against the Giants.

Normally, I’d buy this argument, but Dallas’ season was (more or less) long gone when Romo went down in week 7.  With Romo, the team was 1-4 (1-5 counting the loss in the game in which he got injured), so without him, they had no chance (even though their record was actually better without him).  If he was healthy all year, I still don’t think Dallas would have made the playoffs.

So, there you have a few thoughts from the guys who will be playing in Cowboys Stadium tomorrow night.  I wonder if they were even asked about their own game?