It’s rather absurd to even discuss the possibility of Tony Romo leading the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, when we’re inside of 48 hours from a game that will take place on Romo’s turf, yet will not feature him in the starting lineup.  However, blogging is a year-round endeavor, and a guy can always dream, eh?

Actually, I found this piece written by Christian Blood at Bleacher Report, and he makes a couple good points about why Romo has what it takes to take the Cowboys to something better than a Wild-Card playoff win and a loss the next week.

1.  “He’s a multi-Pro Bowl player who has already racked up some incredible stats that you may already be aware of.”

In fact, Romo holds the Dallas single season touchdown pass (36) and passing yardage (4483) marks.  As good as Staubach and Aikman were, statistically speaking, it’s just a matter of time before he breaks their career marks.  He is only 47 TD passes and 16,000 passing yards behind Aikman, two marks that he has a realistic shot of reaching.

2.  “Romo needs a consistent running game. An experienced offensive play-caller wouldn’t hurt either, and the future on that end looks pretty bleak. Let’s also add much better pass protection.”

Well, this about sums up what I’ve recently been saying.  One guy can’t do it on his own.  To go outside football, if you look at LeBron James, he is arguably the best player in the NBA, and he couldn’t deliver a championship to Cleveland.  Why?  He didn’t have good enough support around him.  Romo isn’t the superstar kind of guy that James is, and it could be argued that such a thing doesn’t really exist in football, but he is a good player, and, in my opinion, an elite quarterback.  Perhaps you might not put him in the top few QB’s in the NFL, but I definitely think it’s fair to put him just a notch below, and that’s mainly because he has yet to make any kind of playoff run.

Tony Romo needs some help if Dallas is going make a run at the Super Bowl.

Romo puts up the stats each game, but the Cowboys still lose.  It’s great to have 300 yards passing, but winning would be nice.  Like the writer points out, the running game and the offensive line have been bad, plain and simple.  The last good running back Dallas had was…Emmitt Smith?  Has it been that long?  Smith last played for Dallas in the 2002 season, and since then, the Cowboys have been graced by the presences of Troy Hambrick, Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice, among others.  Take a guess how many times they’ve been to the Pro Bowl?  It’s actually more than I initially thought.  One.  One time.  Marion Barber got a rather dubious Pro Bowl nod in 2007 (as a backup), even though he failed to rush for 1000 yards.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Barber, but he hasn’t been as good since that season.

The point is, I had to look up these guys to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out.  That’s how forgettable the Dallas running game has been this decade.  The thing about Romo is that he got a bit of a late start to his NFL career.  He has been the starter for all or part of the past five seasons, but he is already 30 years old.  With the way the game is played, the clock starts ticking down once a guy hits that mark.  If Romo is going to lead Dallas to the Promised Land, it has to be now.  The window of opportunity is only getting smaller.  The way things are going, he will go down as the greatest Cowboys QB to never get Dallas to the Super Bowl.  I don’t want that, and I’m sure Romo doesn’t, either.