I saw this blog post on Cowboys Nation about the latest in what is sure to be a litany of mock drafts that will come out with more regularity as April gets closer.  Surprise, surprise, it’s another curveball.  Here is the actual mock draft.

I guess it’s asking far too much to think that all fans, pundits, analysts, etc. would be on the same page about anything, much less the draft, but it seems there is no consistency whatsoever.  First, as I’ve said before, all the talk was about Dallas taking a cornerback.  Then it was offensive line.  I have heard outside linebacker talk, and now, this mock draft has the Cowboys shelling out for a defensive end.


We'd all be smiling if Spears could get to the quarterback more often.

The blog that I saw this on must have seen this coming, given what is said at the end of the first paragraph.  This is the first time I’ve seen a defensive end going to Dallas, and I honestly don’t think it’s the best pick they could make.  The team’s current defensive ends aren’t great at getting to the quarterback.  I get that.  Marcus Spears has been a disappointment in this regard.  You expect more from a first round pick.  However, Dallas still finished 16th in sacks this season, despite not getting much pressure from the defensive line.

Yeah, it can be argued that if they could get more QB pressure from the defensive line, sack numbers would go up, and the whole defense would improve.  This is a fair argument.  The current lineup could be better.  I do think that other areas need to be addressed first, though, like offensive line and cornerback.

Would Cameron Jordan be an upgrade at defensive end for Dallas?

So let’s suppose for a minute that Dallas decides to take DE Cameron Jordan, as the mock draft suggests.  I’ve never seen the guy play, so I can’t give an informed opinion, but his scouting report on the site leads me to believe that he wouldn’t really be the answer Dallas is looking for at defensive end.  Here is what caught my attention:

Isn’t a real explosive pass rusher off the edge as a DE, lacks the burst to reach the corner and again will allow his pad level to rise a bit when trying to change directions off his initial rush. Exhibits some natural body control and balance through contact, can drop his pad level around the corner and his combination of length and agility allow him to fight his way off blocks and make his way up the field.

So, if this assessment is accurate, how is he going to benefit the Cowboys?  If he can’t get to the quarterback better than their best current option, Marcus Spears, why use such a high pick on him?  Marcus Spears is no sack-master-flex, but it doesn’t look like this guy is, either.

On a side note, according to this mock draft, every offensive linemen is still available when Dallas’ turn to pick comes up, and only one CB is off the board at pick nine.