As this blog is about the Cowboys, and to a lesser extent the NFL in general, it’s now time to list what other blogs I will use for information, inspiration, etc.  These are blogs that are on the same subject, and I will be using them to help me become better informed as I try to inform others.  So, without further ado, I present the blogroll rundown.

1.  Bleacher Report Cowboys Blog:  I chose this blog because I already read Bleacher Report from time to time, and since there is a page for just the Cowboys, it seemed to make sense.  Plus, there are other blogs on the site that can provide more complete information.

2.  Blogging the Boys:  I actually wasn’t familiar with this blog until I began searching for sites to include in this, but after perusing it a bit, it seemed like a site with good information (and it also has polls!).

3.  Cowboys Gab:  Again, this is a blog that I hadn’t seen until recently (get used to reading that in this post).  I looked through it, and it also looked good to me.  It is updated quite frequently, and it also has relevant general NFL posts, like ones regarding the playoffs.

4.  Dallas Morning News:  Once again, this isn’t a blog I had read previously (I actually haven’t read any blogs on a consistent basis).  One big reason I chose this one was because it’s affiliated with a newspaper (i.e., a credible source).  That’s not to say these other blogs aren’t credible (it would sure make a lot of sense to include them if they weren’t), but I just get warm fuzzies knowing that a newspaper is behind it.

5.  Dallas  I’m really getting tired of saying it, but I hadn’t read this blog until recently.  Honestly, I don’t really know what to say about these blogs that hasn’t been said.  I just liked what I read and it seemed pretty good.

6.  ESPN Cowboys Blog:  Now we come to a blog that I’ve read.  I look at the NFC East blog on here as well, and I like what I’ve read, and given that it’s ESPN, I feel safe in using it for my blog.

7.  Know Your Dallas Cowboys:  This blog seemed a bit different from the other ones.  Not only is there new information, but the site also has historical info and trivia, which I thought was cool.

8. NFL Blog:  I chose this blog because it covers the entire NFL, which will help give me more perspective on things, especially now that the season is almost over and what comes out will be news related.

9.  Silver and Blue Report:  I like the look of this blog, and it gets updated quite a bit it looks like.  The first page was full of entries regarding player breakdowns, which I thought was interesting and useful.

10.  Star Telegram:  This is another site affiliated with a newspaper, which is part of the reason I chose it.  Another reason is because it is based in Fort Worth, a Dallas suburb, so the writers for it are close to the situation about which they are blogging.