So I was reading an article about the upcoming NFL Draft and what direction Dallas might go in.  Dallas has the ninth overall pick, which, as the article states, is the highest pick the Cowboys have had since 2003.  That year, Dallas chose Terence Newman, who is the team’s top cornerback.

Prince Amukamara (Left)

Just like that season, the Cowboys might go with a cornerback in the top 10.  According to the article, Mel Kiper has Dallas taking Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara in his mock draft. I don’t know anything about the guy, as I don’t recall ever seeing him play, but I do know the Cowboys need secondary help.  The defense gave up an average of 243 passing yards per game in 2010, which was “good enough” for 26th overall in the league.  Ouch.  To make matters worse, they tied the Houston Texans for giving up the most touchdown passes this year, with 33.  Oh yeah, I better not forget that they were in the bottom ten for completion percentage allowed and opposing quarterback rating.

It’s not all the secondary’s fault, but Dallas has needed better play from its safeties (or better yet, just better safeties would be nice) for the past few years.  Now, they are starting to have more issues with corner play.  I would have no problem at all with Dallas taking a corner or a safety with their first pick, so long as they don’t reach for a player.

Nnamdi Asomugha

All of that being said, there is another option available, so long as a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached.  Nnamdi Asomugha is considered to be the best cornerback in the league, and he is set to become a free agent this year. The only problem is, if a new CBA can’t be reached, there will be a lockout, and that means the free agency period that typically begins in or around March would not occur until a new CBA is in place.

I like the idea of bringing Asomugha to Dallas over bringing in a rookie for a couple of reasons.  The obvious reason is he is a veteran, and you know what you’re going to get with him.  The draft is hit or miss, as we all know, so if they can fill this need with a veteran, I would be in favor of it.  An argument against this is the idea that it will cost Dallas a lot of money to get him.  It is true that he signed a contract two years ago that was worth over $45 million (due to the terms of the deal, the third year, which would have been the 2011 season, was voided), making him the highest paid defensive back in NFL history.  However, for a comparison, last year’s top CB pick, Joe Haden, signed a five year, $50 million contract before he had done anything in the league.  He was taken seventh overall by Cleveland.  I’d rather go with a proven commodity than a rookie, when Dallas will have to pay a lot of money for either one.

This is all speculation, as it always is, but my hope is that Dallas can land Asomugha, because the team has other needs, like offensive line, to address as well, and getting an elite lineman to go along with the best CB in the NFL would certainly be a boon for this team as it looks to get back on track next season.