Okay, so after giving it some thought, and not being able to come up with anything better, I have decided to dedicate this blog to…(suspenseful pause) the Dallas Cowboys.  Yes, America’s Team will finally get the recognition and exposure it so desperately deserves and currently lacks.  Along with WVU sports, the Dallas Cowboys are, without a doubt, my favorite sports team.  So, after reflecting on my life and the interests that I have, I realized, or rather, reaffirmed, that I, in fact, have no life to speak of, nor am I very interesting.  What the hey, might as well devote this thing to the ‘Boys.  Are you ready for some football?  Aaaaalllll-righty then!

And now to leave you with a clip that incorporates another thing I really enjoy, King of the Hill.  Maybe I’ll talk about that at some point, too.